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Name:Mr. bobby pur [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: babah_ong Y!: babah_ong
Skype: hunterbobby
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. bobby pur at surabaya
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. bobby pur at surabaya
Address:petemon kali 63a
surabaya 60251, Jawa Timur
menjual kefir secara eceran maupun grosir
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Registration Date:Dec. 28, 2011
Last Updated:Dec. 28, 2011
Business Nature:Trade of Food & Beverage category

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we produce kefir, fermented milk is beneficial medicine, which have proven to cure various kinds of diseases, such as stroke, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and various other diseases. derived from the seeds of kefir kaukusia or Central Asia who assured usefulness. for brochures and testimony from users who are cured we provide for free. You can order via phone, + 623170607440 or email: babah_ong@ yahoo.com, id-acc01@ id.longway.com
price perliter Rp. 20.000

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